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Samill's Continuous Winch-Type Washer is composed of a free wetting bath, winch washer, small mangle, scutcher, net dryer(cylinder dryer) and plaiting device, which is designed to greatly contribute to reduction of maintenance and improvement of productivity due to its components with good quality.


Washing Effects
• Its reel folding and plating for the inside of rank is designed to minimize the cloth quantity in each space, while maximizing the saving of both waste water and used water thanks to its reverse design of overflow.

Inverter Single Drive
• Un like a kind of traditional long-shaft drive, this machine is designed for separate inverter single drive. For this reason, it is possible not only to reduce noise but to maximize productivity.
According to easy correction of cloth loading on its washing tank.

Automatic Supply of Chemicals and Steam
• Both chemicals and steam are automatically supplied so that these chemicals and time can be remarkably saved. In addition, because this machine is equipped with an air type of automatic valve it is designed to automatically control the temperature according to the feature of cloth and to achieve more convenient operation without trouble.

No-hension Conveyance
• Its effective construction minimizes the tension between washing tanks. As a result, the loading from the first to final space is evenly kept at all the time so that productivity can be greatly improved.


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