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The most excellent feature of spandex is its flexibility which is contracted by tension and stress resolution in batching device. Uneven contraction can be prevented during the scoring in continuous scouring range and the dry heated relaxer set the double weave in the tenter to finalize the process.

• Spandex Scouring range comprises 5~6 small chemical baths and the water us counterflowed so that foreign substance may not reattached. Larger number of chemical baths are used for chemical system, high-temperature washing. washing and cooling.

• Spandex Scouring Range performs scouting and relaxer processing in low tension status. According to the degree of contraction of fabric, the speed of each chemical bath can be individually controlled.

• Operation with low tension maintains high quality of uniformed bleaching while preventing form Streakiness and fold/longitudinal creases.

• Spandex scouring rang processes the fabric stretched, providing uniform distribution of temperature and no creases generated. it is workable by link to heater set(with tenter)

• Usage : Nylon Two Wan Spandex, PET Spandex, Tricot.


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