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• This drum washer is composed large holed drums installed on its upper and lower part and a low tension detection device. This device is capable of low tension operations and are used for low tension operation of knitted fabrics.

DRUM WASHER SIWV • Inside of the lower holed drum, due to rotation of the turbo drum with attached bumps, strong low frequency (25~90 Hz) turbulences are created on the surface of the lower holed drum. Foreign substances attached on the swollen fabric are detached by vibration of the turbulence. This method enhances cleansing power by 2~3 times. This has been confirmed in cleansing after weight reduction and cleansing after scouring.

• Strong turbulence and low tension operation also has relax effects.

• Narrow installation space enables easier installation.

• Wide range of pre-processing cleansing, dyeing, printing and weight reduction cleansing for synthetic fabrics, natural fabrics, spandex of thin or thick fabric and knits.
Model SIWV 5
Cloth length (m) 5
Liquid Volume (liters) 600
Electric Power (kW) 10
Installed width (mm) 3,200
Length (mm) 2,025
Height (mm) 1,850
Roller Width (mm) 2,000

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